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Heaven weeps a bitter rain
as we wallow in our pain,
greed and selfishness and war
but we don’t learn from times before,
ignore lessons from history
and drown in our insanity.

It seems we humans will not learn
and all our troubles we have earned
as we cheat, lie, steal and kill…
One more rice paddy, one more hill,
one more desert, one more storm…
And life is gray, our hearts forlorn.

We live our lives with fear and dread;
one more child, a soldier dead
one more homeless, no food, no bed;
another river running red,
another scream that fills the night,
abused child, abused wife…
Why can’t we see this isn’t right?
When will we finally see the light?

Drugs and alcohol and guns
and winds of war block out the sun
and there’s little hope in days to come…
Oh dear God, what have we done?
What is it we refuse to see?
We’re in bondage, bound by hate and greed.
Why can’t we learn from history?
This is all mad insanity…

But Jesus came to set us free,
to give us life and liberty.
He died and lives for you and me.
It is in Him we will find peace
if we will follow and believe.
Oh how we need His grace, mercy
to end this mad insanity,
to bring to us a brighter day.
He is the truth, life, light and way
out of this darkness we wallow in…
But we must choose to come to Him.

Until we do, bullets will fly,
mothers will weep and children die,
fathers will curse, lovers will cry;
And we will still be asking why…
all because we won’t believe,
refuse to learn from history.
Why is it that we cannot see?
Why must we cling to this insanity?

By Annie

© 2011 Annie (All rights reserved)


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