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Monkyes, Birdies, Bees, Lady Bug Songs
Five --Monkeys,Birdies, Bees, Lady Bugs Songs
Five little Monkeys

Five little monkeys --- 4 3 2 1
Running around the tree,
One fell down
And banged his knee
Daddy called the Veterinary
And the Veterinary
No more monkeys
Running around the tree.

Five Little Birdies

Five little birdies---4 3 2 1
Jumping through the tree
One hit the Queen bee
And stung his knee
Mommy called the Veterinary
And the Veterinary said
No more birdies jumping through the tree.

Five Little Bumble Bees 4 3 2 1

Five little bubble bees
Buzzing around the tree
One was very thirsty
And sat and had some tea
Mommy called the bubble bee
And the bubble bee said
Please come over and sit with me.

Mommy and Five Little lady bugs 4 3 2 1

Five Little lady bugs
Flying in the sky
One got very tired
And landed on a fly
Mommy called to the ladybug
And the ladybug said
Please help me mommy as she flew by.

Debbie L Battrick
August 7, 2011

Please do not use my poems and songs without my permission, I am making books and felt stories, and I work in an preschool, thanks
By Cartoonist

By Cartoonist

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