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Have You Seen This Man?
I will try to describe this man
If I can
Do you know this man has he ever come your way
He had blond hair now it might be gray
He use to be a little taller then me as I recall
But now well let’s see he could be very tall
He was a little thin but not as thin as me
Well now let’s see.

It is hard to describe this man
He use to have the nicest hands
The sweetest smile on his face
To be close to him oh how my heart would race
His eyes was a beautiful blue
And a heart of love so true
He was a wonderful young teen growing up to be a wonderful man
To describe him well if I can.

An angel is how I would describe him as he seemed just right
His kisses was the sweetest under the moonlight
His hugs was gentle as could be
That’s how I describe him as I wonder if he ever thinks of me
His name is Tommy Rednour
Lived in Ohio
That was back in nineteen sixty five long ago days
If you know him please send him my way.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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