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Just A Week Ago Today.
The winds was 70 miles an hour
In prayer there is so much power

Looks like God was listening some did say
As God listens every time we pray

At the Indiana State fair last Saturday night
The high winds soon came as so much fright

Five lost there life, injured dozens to
Sugarland feels bad for the ones hurt as she is thankful safe is her crew

Seemed like some was backstage was ready to still go on stage on time
As Sugarlands manager felt to start a prayer line.

As their rig came crashing down, Sugarland and crew ducked for cover near a wall
They walked away unscathed and regrouped as many did fall

Sugarlands manager instincts made a difference between life and death
Sugarland and others was ok but heart broken as the 5 took there last breath

She added that while others backstage felt it was fine to go on
Sugarland's manager felt oh no the winds was so strong

The weather demolished the set and took life’s to
Sugarland still praying for the others as they knew what to do

The winds were 70 miles an hour.
In prayer there is so much power.

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By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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