The Lady In The Harbor

Had I known then it would be the last time
I would see you, I wouldn't have let you go.
Ten years later I still close my eyes,
and pray for yesterday's sorrow.

Like the rest of us did the Lady in the Harbor cry
as flames and souls scorched the sky.
Did Lady Liberty watch angels
dash and gather in grief.
Did she cry as many held hands,
as they knelt in disbelief?
Did she wonder what became of all our worth
as concrete, glass and steel crashed to earth?
As souls rose to heaven in clouds of smoke
did the Lady in the Harbor gag and choke?

Terror touched us all bringing tears to our eyes
and where two towers stood so mighty
Ground Zero was born from helpless cries.
A reminder hatred won't tear us apart,
our blood flows red
but also white and blue in the American heart.

By Gregory Espy

© 2011 Gregory Espy (All rights reserved)


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