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American Genetics
My poetics is a part of my genetics
Holding me up in life, just like two pieces of prosthetics
Down in black history I know it wasn't no mystery
I've read it, they said it, about my genetics
Is it a defect in my genetics
Is it hard to understand my simple poetics
Would you call me crazy because of my phonetics?
Using my genetics, groovin with my poetics
As the nightingale dances, I am still romancing
Messing with the critics, they won't give me no credit
They love the way I sound, when I'm singing my poetics
I'm strolin, with my poems, which way, can I throw' em
It's a grand funk thing, but all funk is not the same
And with my magnetic sound, it's back to the way, I get down
And in going back, talking to the critics, and they still won't, give me credit
I will tell them, I'm Poppa Sonic, and I'm, very much poetic
It's in my genetics, you dummies
Jumping calisthenics, pumping up my genetics,
I'm very photogenic, do you see me, I've said it
Back and forth, and away we go, from poetics to genetics
Still jumping, still thumping, my Bass String are magnetics

Written by: Melvin Taylor
(aka, P, Sonic)


Enterprises, Some Drop Down Funk
April 30, 1995

By Mr Sonic

© 2017 Mr Sonic (All rights reserved)


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