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Lost Love
It's getting so cold in my once warm heart
Just strangers, passing one another till we part
I let down my guard,what's left is this frosty chill
The sadness and emotion in my heart, they over fill

It's the beginning of the ending of the pain I must bare
My heart shattered, once again there's no one there
I'll build a fortress this time with a fence so strong and high
I'll never love again, never let anyone in till I die

Once again this is my fault, I trusted again, loved again
Never, never will my heart let a new love begin
The knife in my heart went too deep, the tears too many
I can't love again, the pain so deep, the scars there's plenty

Does he love me or not, It's over the show of love has ended
I don't ever want to feel anything, my heart can never be mended!

By Dogs4donna

© 2011 Dogs4donna (All rights reserved)


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