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Shakespeare’s Rodeo: Gate 5


What beast sits wild beneath me now,

That roars like midnights breath?

Forsake me not, oh quivering heart

Lest my fortune be my death

Woe, I cry for it , I sigh for it,

the opening of the gate

A tumultuous world hath now arrived

Will eight seconds seal thy fate?

What sayeth now, this frightful bull,

On which my loins gird fast?

He snorts retorts in unknown tongue

The thirsty earth comes looming past

Shouldst thou preparest my grave

As gravity seeks my return?

The rawhide of monumental friction

Upon this beast shall burn

Surely, I shall mourn this dreadful day

That bleeds like dice with craps

And admonish my ornery, literary host

That adorned me in leathered chaps

Perchance he will refurbish his mind

I’ll pay whatever the cost

If he would but change his grousing endeavor

And give my saddle to Frost

By Bubby

© 2011 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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