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The Empty Window

As I stare into the darkness.
At this vista cold and bare.
No light to guide my footsteps.
A heavy heart filled with despair.

I see a window lying empty.
Where a single candle used to shine.
An ageless symbol burning brightly.
To guide me to a lover’s shrine.

Where the door was always open.
To the refuge of my dreams.
Where I stepped across a threshold.
Love’s sweetest wonders to redeem.

Where the flames of passion lingered.
In two souls filled with desire.
Like some lost and lonely pilgrims.
Seeking comfort at it’s fire.

And we would lay there in the moment.
To share each others warm caress .
Consuming all that love can offer.
These bridled longings to express.

But I know I’m only dreaming.
As I stand here in the rain.
For that light has long since faded.
Never to be lit again

Now those memories still haunt me.
Of that once enchanting place.
And there behind that empty window.
I can almost see your face.

By Arkien

© 2011 Arkien (All rights reserved)


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