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I watch the clock as it tic, tic, tics.
It measure the distance without a glitch.
My life is running out, with every passing hour.
Oh! I cry out for some staying power.

I remember how joyful those babies' cries.
The youthful years, and the college good-byes.
Work has its merits, allowing me to cope.
The church provides meaning, and a great deal of hope.

While looking at the heavens, I stare into space.
I'm traveling towards an uncertain place.
Time takes its toll, as I drift day by day.
Where do I go from here? Where do i stay?

The end of my journey can explode lightning fast.
Without a road map, it may depend on my past.
c Copyright 2006 Zishan Evans

By zishane

© 2014 zishane (All rights reserved)


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