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Where Are You Today

Where are you today?

The heart that holds the memories
Of a family .. home .. and Christmas trees

Where are you today?

The homeless . . . elderly . . . silent man
Whose vision lives in shades of gray and black
That walked the city streets where I call home
The difference . . .
His entire life contained in bags of green
. . . Seen always to be alone

Given only a nod
If by chance our eyes should meet
His eyes holding mine within a vacant stare

Not once did the question find its voice
        Could you help an old man out
With a bite to eat?

Was it the Veteran that I was to meet
Who found life at home a different war
Living now alone upon homeland's streets
A bagged bottle to be his only warmth

Or was he the grandpa that will never know
The loving embrace of a grandchild's glow
Does he cross another's mind
Does someone pray for this life to find

Where is this man today?

As I awoke to pull my blanket tight
Against the chill that claimed the night
Your face appeared before my eyes
                         . . . . Wondering if you are still alive

No sight of you have I seen
You only haunt my restless dreams

As Summer sun gives way to Fall
And Winter soon will come to call
I wish I had extended my hand to you
Not turned away as we all seem to do

If only I had asked your name
Asked of the world from which you came
A small dignity I could have given back to you
In your wold you know so few

What could I have learned of you
From within the life you are forced to view

Your face represented
in growing numbers
Upon our world's cities streets

Among a sea of faces your eyes
Will be the memory I will meet

Where are you today?


The world to take the time to recognize
There but by the grace of God go I

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Where Are You Today


Artist . . . Kitaro

Anything Goes
With Larry

A remarkable resemblance
Of my Homeless Man
Found on google image search

It seemed I would see him
Each time I was out and about

Chance meetings
Always held in silence

I have not seen anything of him
Now in months

He is the inspiration for this write
The faces he represents
A true sadness

By aspiring_angel

© 2019 aspiring_angel (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with Larry (whiskurz) (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with Larry (whiskurz) (challenge has been closed)

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