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Without you in my life,
I am like a star that
has lost its sparkle in
the darkness of the night,
Or the dullness of a diamond
that used to have the brilliance
of the brightest light
Without you, I am like the
parched desert, devoid of
any care, left abandoned,
and my heart open and
Without you, I am cold
as the ice that freezes on
a window pane, or like
the tear that falls upon
my cheek whenever I
think of you, by name
Without you, I get
through the days, not
sure exactly how or even
but all I know is that I
miss you, and when
thoughts of you arise,
they make me cry.
Without you, I know I
will have to be,
that is just the way
things are,
you are gone from me
by far, but know that
you are only a heartbeat
away from where I am at
any given time, so just
whisper my name and
I will be there for you,
because, as you know
'love is blind'

By LoveAngelique

© 2011 LoveAngelique (All rights reserved)


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