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telephone line

I waited patiently for news
At the other end of the telephone line
Proving the strength of my love for you
Surviving the challenge of passing time

I could be all you ever need
Just as you’ve always been in my eyes
I would give all there is in me
Freely and willingly this time

I had the wisdom to love and let go
When you made it obvious you were done
But I always wanted for you to know
I really believed you were the one

But sometimes we love what we can’t get
And sometimes we hate what we have to do
And sometimes we cling to a sense of regret
Creating more challenges we stumble through

You just never know where life’s going to lead
You just never know till you’re all the way in
You just never know when you’re going to succeed
You just never know till you’ve taken the risks

I will learn patience experiencing faith
Gathering thoughts and emotions as proof
To share when I finally see you again
To assure you that all my intentions were true

You just never see when you’re caught in the moment
It’s so hard to justify when the truth hurts
How I hate to admit I might have imperfections
But I tend to analyze when I should learn

But sometimes we love what we know we must do
And sometimes we hate who we’re forced to become
And sometimes we see our own fears in the truth
Creating a sense of too much to take on

I waited patiently for years
Convincing myself I’d still have time
Creating fantasies from fears
Here at the end of my telephone line

© 2008 Cheryl Klassen

By Cheryl Klassen

© 2011 Cheryl Klassen (All rights reserved)


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