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She is a fair maiden
She keeps giving me the eye,
She says that she loves me
I really dont know why?

Cause I'm as ugly as sin
And I haven't got any money,
I drive a run down motor
Which only starts when sunny.

Tis a mystery to me what she sees
She tried to kiss me other day,
She made me go all hot in me trousers
And she smiled and wanted to play.

I dont know what games she play
But she tried to get me on the ground,
I think she was trying to tickle me tummy
I soon put a stop to that messing around.

Everytime I sees her she has a big smile
Her breasts are sure quite a size,
Her mother should tell her
Not to keep tickling me
Cause something gets big I can't disguise.

Perhaps if I give her some cookies
We could play another game?
Something like a game of conkers
Or hopscotch although that's not quite the same.

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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