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Another Gloomy Day

Crayola colored memories
linger in my heart
with cotton candy kisses
sticking to my mind

giggles from our belly
would dangle in night air
then hopscotch into daybreak
sunshine tickling hair

golden days of yesteryear
waltz within breeze
whispers from a past tense
echo 'cross blue sea

little girl pigtails
mischief our song
trouble always found us
brothers tagged along

muddy pies, cupcakes
puddles knee deep
butterflies, rainbows
dance in reprieve

making snow Angels
jumping in leaves
acting tom-boyish
in tallest of trees

reflecting now on happier times
when we were young, carefree
gathering up days of yore
hugging memories

and yet...
there is sadness
with strangling despair
no matter where I wander
you'll never be there

departed from earth
vanished from eyes
never forgotten
you're tucked in my heart

Dedicated to my sister Sandy who was killed
in an auto accident on 10/12/11 in Arivaca, Arizona

~ ~ ~


By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2017 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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