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I leapt into the freezing night
My car had abandoned me,
It was on halloween night
A full moon and ghostly it be.

Shadows Of figures close by
As I slipped and slid in this lane,
Then I came to a fork in the road
That I swear I will never tread again.

It was so creepy and scary
Although the night was lit with snow,
I could hear voices as I walked
And they began to get louder and grow.

They grew louder and louder
I thought they called out my name,
I began to answer them in my mind
As if it was some sort of game.

From this open field a beautiful woman
Ran towards me, no I wasn't dreaming,
She had long red hair down her back
Save me she said and started screaming.

Please mister she said I'm not a witch
I was witness this terrifying night,
To see her beautiful body burnt at the stake
And it will haunt me forever that sight.

It certainly disturbs me I cant light a fire
Without seeing her in the flames screaming,
And I know what I saw my eyes open wide
A nightmare, I wish I had been dreamimg.

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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