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The Light
Every thing I do breaths your name ,I can't help it your embedded in me .
People and partners try to change my ways But the truth shines through of there sinful ways.
A person at times Love to much ! And others take it as weakness .
And treat me as if I'm dumb ,They don't understand I can see right through the lies !
I have You at my side you take care of me, I don't worry about the ways of the world .
I knew these days were coming ,Your spirit grows stronger in me .
I did my best to warn the rest now it's up to them .
I left them behind with love and peace now I shall go on with my journey .
I love you very much! In my heart you will all ways remain.written 9-16-09

By godspassion

© 2011 godspassion (All rights reserved)


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