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Dear Father in Heaven
I still Love You so I love the way you never let me go ! Even in trails when I have no idea what to do .
I feel your loving presence You work through Others that have an Open Heart !
They treat me with great respect and your Love so true .
They admire my Strength and Never Giving up ! The Strength that comes from only You !
I'm was Scared of losing my home ,And had no idea where to go .
Yet I believed you all ready knew ,What the out come would be!
So I tried to do what I could Even with every No and the doors closed in my face .
Another door opened to take it's place with a bit more Hope !
I prayed you would deal with the hearts of all involved.
Fill there hearts with compassion that only You can do!
And I put all my Faith in You! For my Father only YOU KNEW my heart and how much I Love You
written by Rebecca Shumaker 8-16-09 reposted & reworded to past tense today :-)

By godspassion

© 2011 godspassion (All rights reserved)


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