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When autumn leaves have fallen
When winter snow lays deep,
When spring returns the daffodils
And the summer harvest has been reaped.
My Grandmothers love stays deep in my heart.

Because she was a beautiful human being
Who taught me about the realities of life.
She loved the beauty around her, children she adored,
Her talent was endless her poetry youhad to applaud.
She was a country girl was gran,
A worker through and through.
She would often chat to me about the things she had to do.
She had a sense of humour that would make me laugh all day.
She had ninety four years on this planet,
And lived everyone to the full.
She even on occasion had me winding up her wool.

Dear gran as I write this poem I begin to shed a few tears,
When I think of all the happy times we had through the years.
Memories for all season's positive thought she would say,
You've got to get on with it Tony live for today.
So as I look up at the starry sky I blow my gran a kiss.
And wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY way up in heaven
And thank her for all she did for me, including her poetry wish.

God bless Gran, Love and Happy Birthday! Tony XXXXXXX

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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