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I pray to lord jesus in heaven
I pray as I kneel by my bed,
I pray that my dad will come home
So he can take me to soccer instead.

Because I love him so much
And my mum does too.
Why do people have to kill
It makes no sense, does it to you?

I mean I am only a child
But I know right from wrong,
A lot of my mates dad's have been killed
And I know mine could be before too long.

My mum tries to be brave and I do to
But I cry myself to sleep every night,
And wish my dad wasn't a soldier at all
Wars just stupid why do people have to fight.

I pray to lord jesus in heaven
As I kneel by my bed,
Please bring my dad home safe to us
So we have peace and love instead.

It's remembrance day today
And there will be a lot of tears shed,
for those dad's who are not coming home
And I have cried until my eyes are all red.

So please lord bring my dad home
And it will be the happiest day of my life,
I cant help thinking he's so lonely
so please bring him home to his family
Who love him, especially his son and wife.

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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