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A passing shadow of the night
Whispered in my ear,
Of youthful love and memory
Was on this night I shed a tear.

A tear for loves demise and sorrow
In my unwise and youthful jest,
I had forsaken beauty's bower
In my foolishness I knew best.

On this night in this reflective hour
I now realise how the years have passed,
Her beauty was of radiance
Her smile of joy and laughter I outcast.

For want of my greed for gold
I cast out her love with distain,
I gave my soul to the evil of money
I broke her heart thinking of my gain.

As I reflect in this dark room of shame
I really don't know why or how to explain,
but if you ever think riches can replace love
Then my friends I beg you to think again.

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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