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We Have Raged
We have wept enough brothers,
And now we have raged
We have shouted and not been heard
Today, we march brothers,
Each in his own small place.
Her beside him,
What things you do, remember,
What hear, what see, what sting,
Ever flies to your hearts.

And we march, through hell in brass buttons
Tramping beside us, but we march.
Enough; enough; enough;
For us, now resistance,
Resistance ever, and rebels that we were born,
That will not kill for others,
Nor lackey to expedient laws,
Nor rob our winds of what love has left,
We hold our liberties far more dear,
Than white faced gibber wits
Skulking now behind us,
Watching our youth,
In chains we could be, of vile authority
When we march, we make our feet
Come down as every step is realisation
And retaliation for every foul abuse.

By The RiverDaughter

© 2011 The RiverDaughter (All rights reserved)


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