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As I look into one of my mirrors today
I see my face
Wrinkles more evident...
Proof of my life
Each line had a meaning
The crows feet around my eyes had formed
From years of laughter
You know... the kind that crinkle your eyes
Sometimes extending to your nose
A smile consuming with absolute wonder
Well I had those lovingly etched
They extended to softly surround my mouth
Wrinkles more evident...
Proof of my life
Each line a memory
And as such each had a meaning
Adding flavor to myself
These beautiful wrinkles of my life

Simplicity Challenge
_______with absolute wonder
I can not be considered for the win in this challenge.
But couldn't resist writing a little something to share with all of you!

By Compton

© 2011 Compton (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Simplicity - SFITB with compton(Crystal) read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED phrase (challenge has been closed)

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