A Christmas Tail
Have you heard the tale about the only house Santa didn't make it into
The names have been changed to protect the innocent... but I'm told the story is true
Twas' the night before Christmas... a silent night
When Mary heard a loud sound
She jumped up in bed... turned on the light
And decided to take a look around
She didn't want to awaken her parents snuggled up in bed
So she tippy tippy toed, tippy tippy toed down the stairs instead
And what to her wandering eyes did render
Santa hanging from her chimney by his posterior ender
He was all tangled up in the wreaths and holly
His cheeks were red but I don't think he was jolly
He had eaten too many cookies you see
And now he couldn't fit down the chimney
He said, 'Little Missy, can't you see I'm in danger'
Mary replied, ' My mom told me not to talk to strangers'
'But child, can't you see I'm Santa Claus
Mary told him she wasn't sure who he was
Santa disconcerted, began to beg
But Mary just sat down and crossed her legs
Santa said, 'Little girl, my reindeer's on the roof
Mary shook her head and said that wasn't any proof
Santa said, ' You'll get scratched from the list for being bad
You really don't want to make Santa mad
Mary told Santa, ' I'll get a gift anyway
Tomorrow's not just Christmas, it's my birthday
She pirouetted up the stairs out of sight
And left Santa hanging in the chimney all night
This story has been told for many a year
And if you really, really believe it's true
I have a wonderful piece of property to sell you, my dear
An ice island in Hawaii ... I've been saving just for you

Simplicity Challenge
servantofgod (Mark)
And now he couldn't fit down the chimney

By Compton

© 2011 Compton (All rights reserved)


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