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Tattoos can be very colorful,
As well as a tribute for some.
The ones on my arms are for Father,
Who cares for us all from above.

One on my left arm is descriptive.
It shouts to the world “In God We Trust!”
Serving God first, then country and family.
To do it another way is a bust!

On my right arm one tat is revealing.
It tells all to “Ride Toward The Son!”
If you see the cross in the side mirror,
Turn around, ride right back or just run!

On my right wrist an ambigram will amaze you.
It says “DEATH” when pointed toward the ground.
But it says “LIFE” when my arm is lifted upward.
So look up, the world’s ways are not sound!

On my left wrist is a picture of the serpent,
Being dropped into Hell fire by a dove.
The flames are very bright on my wrist where
People often mistake that for blood!

A soldier is just one of the others,
A tattoo among the total twelve,
Representing the Lord’s own disciples,
Who with Him now and forever dwell!

By Robert Burns

© 2011 Robert Burns (All rights reserved)


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