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You've heard the phases
Don't tease
The caged lions
Don't poke
A stick at the bear

But have you heard
the one about the tiger
And what happens
When you pull his tail

Clear warning my friends
I give you
Beware when you
Hear his growl

He'll patiently wait
till your not looking
Then stealthy
Hunt you down

You'll never hear him coming
Silent paws barely touch the ground
Green eyes
will watch you intently
Waiting for you to turn around

His pounce
Is as quick as lightening
As his body flys through the air

You'll land on your back
In wonder
Into his eyes your eyes will stare

His breath
is hot with hunger
And his teeth
he'll slowly bare

So never
pull the tail of a tiger

Unless your looking
A good scare

By seelie

© 2012 seelie (All rights reserved)


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