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Shadow of Love

Love spins in wide open dreams above
Magic stars twinkle at the moons beam of love
Beauty lives in the nights in shaded lust
Lasting thoughts of a lively rose of lies of the dust

Realize time fades the shadows below
In the awaken of the day in the drifting snow
The whispering wind gives a picture to view
As its rest in the soul deep the tears are a few

Once there was fences to mend the broken heart
Lies holds on beyond the truth as they fall apart
Promises is our hope in the destiny of time slips away
There’s the shadow to echo in the clouds of day

Love holding on to life is a breath within my own cries
Falling in love when the roses are blooming where my heart lies The faded dreams kisses the earth in the rain drops in sight
Lets reach for the rainbow of colors in the sky so bright

©Johanna Fields
Shadows Of Love
Host: Mark a Servant of God
Anything Goes

By Johanna Fields

© 2012 Johanna Fields (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with servantofgod (Mark)--read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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