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Your Love Leaving
Your Love Leaves

I Never Thought One Person
Could Cause So Much Pain
Love Has The Power
To Destroy and
Make You Go Insane

I Was So Strong
Inside And Out
Until You Come and Just
Slowly Pull all Of It Out

Confusion Is My Life
From Day To Day
One Day You Will Come
The Next
You Just Walk Away

Anger Is What I Hold
And What Your Eyes See
My Heart Drops
Every time You Just Up And Leave

Is What My Heart Truly Holds
I Used To Be The One
Who Held The Key TO Your Soul

The Key I Lost
And I Search To Find
When GOD Has Put The Truth
Deep In My Mind

I Never Thought Would Fear
My Eyes
Are Blind To See
It Is Standing Right Here

Is The Power You Have Over Me
It’s Me, Is the One
Who Always begs and
Falls To Her Knees

Heartache, is all My Heart Seems To Know
I Feel Nothing But
Coldness Deep Down
IN My Soul
You Are What My Heart Craves
What My Soul Needs
What Is That One Thing
That Keeps Pulling You
Away From Me

My Heart Feels It Coming To An End
There still Is One Blessing
Has To Send

Me, Your Brown Eyed Angel
The One Who You Can
Truly Say
Was And Is
Your Best Friend.

By Sunshine

© 2012 Sunshine (All rights reserved)


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