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The Walk

One day I took a walk
Where men have seldom trod.
And I could see the world
As it appears to God.

The Shepherd tips the cup
And feeds the hungry flock.
To see that they’re prepared
And ready for the walk.

He sends them on their way,
To choose a path and fate.
Some roads may bring them low,
While some could make them great.

But when the walk is done
And truth at last is known.
Some lambs will lose their way,
And face their fate alone.

While some will persevere,
Heeding the Shepherd’s call.
A call that guides them home,
And saves them from the fall.

A fall each could avoid,
By letting go of pride.
Had the Shepherd led them,
They never would have died.

But the proud never bow,
Those mightiest of men.
If God reveled Himself,
They might believe it then.

But if He can’t be seen,
They will ignore His call.
They’ll mock God as they go,
Defiant of the fall.

But proud souls can’t accept
Harsh judgment of their deeds.
Eternal darkness won’t
Be where their journey leads.

Is anyone prepared,
To be one of God’s flock?
Or will you stand alone
At the end of the walk?

By ServantOfGod

© 2012 ServantOfGod (All rights reserved)


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