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Wandering Angel

Since the dawn of time he's wandered,
A nomad on the Earth.
No memory of who he is,
No origin of birth.

Uncertain of his destiny,
He has to wonder why.
Why generations come and go,
But time won't let him die.

He tried to lead a normal life,
He even fell in love.
Only to watched her age and die,
Reclaimed by God above.

And as the generations pass,
He loses more and more.
He cannot join the ones he loves,
Beyond death's shrouded door.

And so he wanders, to and fro,
A lonely vagabond.
He sees the threshold of his tomb,
But cannot go beyond.

To some, he was a champion,
For he saved many lives.
But time is a relentless foe,
A fate no one survives.

His purpose shall remain concealed,
Until the end draws near.
For everything will be revealed,
When Jesus reappears.

Until that day, he'll carry on,
Down corridors of time.
There are oceans that must be crossed;
And mountains yet to climb.

He fell from Heaven long ago,
For questioning man's birth.
Now he is cursed to touch their lives,
So briefly on this earth.

And over time, the angel learned,
The purpose of God's plan.
As he shared in their existence,
He learned the worth of man.

His task is nearly over now,
New journeys will begin.
If the Lord declares him worthy,
To earn his wings again.

This piece was written about a nameless angel who did not understand the purpose of God’s plan. He didn’t rebel against God, he simply did not understand. Thus, instead of casting the angel out, God erased his memory and placed him on the earth. There he walked among men, but unlike man, the angel couldn't die. And so he wandered through the centuries, bonding with one human after another, only to lose each one to the ravages of time. Over the millennia, the angel has learned the value of man. I write this explanation because people have a terrible habit of assuming that the angel in the poem is Lucifer. In assuming that, they also assume that I do not know that there is no redemption for him, or his fallen angels. Some even assume that I sympathize with him. Let’s not forget what happens to you and me when you assume. My advice, in regards to this poem, is to read, and not to read into. God bless.

By ServantOfGod

© 2012 ServantOfGod (All rights reserved)


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