Jerry 'Hobbes' Newman...

Jerry 'Hobbes' Newman

a scribble for a friend...

may the perpetual light shines unto him O Lord
and the choir of angels will come and meet him
lead him to paradise, where you dwell
and Jerry will live with you there, forever!

in life it matters not
how rich or famous you are
the legacy you left behind
is worth more than silver and gold

the memories of Hobbes etched in my mind
were so enormous, as i can recall
i feel a deep sense of loss
for he was a citadel of a true friend
through his love, his concern
a very accommodating friends on his special ways

Hobbes treated each of his friends with respect
he was so patient in posting emails from all of us
and forwarding them to our email group
and with his beautiful and compassionate heart
always ready to extend a hand
to anyone of us who needed him
quick to respond to any problem we had

after my cell transplant, he even volunteered
to come to California and stay with me
but, i said, i can manage, and he continued
to monitor my situation to this date
just the other day, i received an email from him
now he went ahead to meet our Savior

i do really wish i had the chance to meet him
yet his image is so vivid and clear
a big man, a giant of a man, a good family man
with a big heart, gentle soul, strong spirit
full of wit and i will miss his sense of humor

he loved his flower garden
his roses are beautiful
(seen thru his postings)
he was so proud of them
he possessed green thumbs
they were exceptional

my songs, poetries, verses, and scribbles
are not enough, to show my respect
to repay his goodness, his sincerity
these are inadequate to balance his noble deeds
his kindness specially was so evident
he ne'er get tired always ready to console
'tho he needed consoling more
he was so giving and unselfish

he was a man of great humility
never had himself misunderstood to understand
he knew what reality was, straight to the heart
always considered how other people felt
never hurt someone's feeling.

i can relate so many times
we joked to each other
as we were both veterans
we spoke the same G.I. terms
we know how it was, what it took
'tho our topics were of no substance at times
we still managed to keep them interesting

he was not short in giving me encouragement
not to ever 'give up', and now he was gone
i am sad, so sad, i felt betrayed by fate
it is unfair, i am angry, i am mad

i will try to make peace, and go on
i lost a true friend
Hobbes was rare, hard to be find friend
as of now, all i can muster to do
is to cherish his friendship
the memories i can remember at best
and i will let them live in my heart
as long as i live...

good bye my friend...
may you rest in peace!

aloha o'e!

By XRifles

© 2012 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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