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Limbs and lids are heavy, so I lay down,
The sandman's lair is where I am bound,
As my pillows disappear & I am enveloped by my sheets,
I'm swept away to green fields and flowers, no cars or streets.

There are mountains tall with white capped tops,
Forests, lakes and waterfalls that make my eyes pop,
And in this land of untarnished, exquisite nature,
I find myself surrounded by gentle creatures.
Mixed of myth and reality,
None are fierce, only friendly.

As I venture on, a destination is set in my mind,
To chance upon some hidden ruins is what I come to find,
In an ancient fountain draped in ivy and light,
My reflection reveals me to my sight,

Neither perfect, not anyone else but me,
Suddenly a silhouette appears beside for me to see,
I turn around but never see his face,
Familiar to me he is but a mysterious case.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!, my alarm clock has to scream,
I awaken with a start asking who was this man in my dream?

By Marzipan

© 2012 Marzipan (All rights reserved)


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