Is this Otiose Love

A vast expansion of incomprehensible proportions,
Deluging still from caged amorous passions,
Sowed are the seeds of adoration and faithfulness,
Ready and ripened, waiting for harvest,
So that you may receive on a silver platter,
A heart that cares and to it, you matter.

Just a mere triviality to me are the possible fears,
I only wish to never be the reason behind your tears,
I cannot deny the zeal of my longing,
So patience I learn, waiting for what the future may bring.

I ask myself if sometimes do you know how much I care,
That apprehensible as I am, with you, I'll give my life to share,
Time is something precious and there is little to spare,
For you I'd wait an eternity, if at the end, you would be there,

Yet you try to be marble-hearted, as protection you try to push me away,
So I love you as a friend, vainly hoping that you might want me one day.

By Marzipan

© 2012 Marzipan (All rights reserved)


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