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I was in the cardiac care unit
With my second heart attack one year.
I was in a two man room,
And my partner was a man quite dear.

We spoke about so many things
Till he lifted both arms to say
“My that is so beautiful!”
Then his spirit drifted away.

I've seen such peace and comfort
On the faces of some I knew.
And the last thing on their faces,
Was a smile and angelic hue.

I pray that others see the same
When it is my time to go.
And I see that beautiful vision,
As I meet old friends I know.

Weeping shall endure just for a time.
In the morning joy will replace,
Any tears we have been shedding,
With new smiles on every face.

Heritage Singers - What A Day That Will Be

By Robert Burns

© 2012 Robert Burns (All rights reserved)


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