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Happy Birthday Julie.
A birthday will be soon
So let’s get out the balloons
A big sweet chocolate cake to
And we’ll sing happy birthday to you
For soon will be Julie’s birthday
She is like a daughter to me and so sweet in every way
She is a daughter by heart but like one of my own very special to me
And she always will be
She is still young and has a golden heart
Times her emails can make your heart sparkle like sprinkles on a pop tart
I don’t gamble but I’ll bet
She’s an angel even though we never met.

Many birthday wishes I send
For she is my daughter by heart also a great friend
I wish you good health
Lot’s of wealth
Happiness in all you do
I hope all your wishes come true
May you have many blessings from the Lord Above?
As for every one you share such wonderful love
You write beautiful poetry almost every day
I am thankful the Lord sent you my way

By Just little me

© 2012 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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