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She`s At Peace
Tears are flowing once again
I lost my mother in law,a great friend
God called her home to Heaven above
Where she`ll be surrounded with love
She was a special lady,And in her younger days
Worked two jobs as she had two sons to raise
Her husband left her,Never helped out
She was a good mother,There was no doubt
We became very close,She always told me
She did`nt know how Bob ever got so lucky
She would thank me for being there for Bob always
I stuck my his side through all his Hospital stays
She could`nt believe how I`d spend days by his side
But I loved him so much,and was so happy to be his bride
We had a wonderful marriage,And I was so thankful
That when God picked my mother in law ,He picked her
She once told me how she`d get bakery goods and go down
To where the homeless people lived and pass them around
She would get them at a discount and tell them to all share
Any one who knew her well ,Knew she was one to care
She even took people in before,And gave them a place to live
She had a heart full of love, And to others was willing to give
I always thanked God above for blessing my life with her
I`m sure she`s happy now as her two sons take her on a tour
Of the beautiful mansions and flowers in Heaven above
I know she is surrounded with so much happiness and love
She`s finally healed, No more suffering, No more pain
Our loss here on earth, is Truly Heavens gain.

(This was her favorite song and her favorite singer)

By Libra

© 2012 Libra (All rights reserved)


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