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When I was just an only child
Alone I would play with no other.
So I put in an order with my dad,
And he sent it along to my mother.

I asked for a sibling to stay with us.
A girl or a boy would do.
So they somehow found a little time,
And from mommy there came you!

A tomboy I made you from the start.
You followed me around all day.
I got the best of both worlds then,
For in dresses you still would play.

You could wrestle and jump
And run and hide, doing all that I could do.
Then be a sweet little lady,
Beside me at Sunday School.

You always came to my little league games,
And at softball I'd watch you.
And I always cheered when you hit the ball,
Like I did for the Yankees too.

I'd like to say that through the years
I've admired you every day.
And when it comes to being fun,
Without your cats I'd come and play.

In my mind you will always be,
A sister so sweet and kind.
These birthday wishes I send today
Because for a sister you sure are fine!

Memories - Are Made Of This Mp3

By Robert Burns

© 2012 Robert Burns (All rights reserved)


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