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I have loved many things in my life
I have watched the sunset and the dawn,
I have picked the wild flowers
I have walked through a lot of corn.

I have tasted the apple so sweet
I've seen rainbows all aglow,
But I have never seen anything as beautiful
As the colour of nature in full show.

The music of the raindrops
The radiance of the flowers in spring,
The bumble bee looking for that nectar
The butterfly so graceful on the wiing.

The love, the pure serenity
The daffodil dancing with delight,
The clear water flowing fishes
What a wonderful exhilarating sight.

I have watched the autumn leaves
Dancing under the sun,
The spider with his spindly legs
Spinning wonderful webs everyone.

I have watched the snowdrops fall
creating breathtaking patterns from the sky,
Watched grey sky turn to blue
With clouds of cotton wool white, my oh my.

As I have watched natures beauty
I have watched my children grow,
I have watched them pick the flowers
And appreciate and love them so.

I have watched their love and tenderness
I have listened with an attentive ear,
When they ask me about nature
Their questions were always sincere.

Now I listen to my daughters
tell their children the same as me,
and it makes me so very proud
because god gave us all this for free.


By listener

© 2012 listener (All rights reserved)


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