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Narrow Escape

Have you had a narrow escape,
sometime in your life time?
When you look back you see,
what could have happened.
You stand in awe of the realization,
that it was not your time to go.

Why did he spare you and let you live,
what is the real reason this time?
He surely must have an unfilled job,
that he wants you to take care of.
When many are taken around you,
yet you remain within his love.

Seek the answers in prayers daily,
asking him what he wants of you.
Be willing to go the extra mile for Him,
and know He will be guiding you.
Soon the light of his way will be there,
showing you the way you should go.

Norma Duncan aka Mistymaiden
April 26, 2012

Inspired writing. I do not
know the reason.

By Mistymaiden

© 2012 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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