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Reach Out To A Young Teen.
They walk a thin line
To many times
There pain over takes
There hurt there heartaches
They can’t think they can’t get through
They do what they feel they have to
Someone might reach for a gun
No one knows how there mind runs
A knife soon they cut to deep
Won’t wake up from there sleep
A rope to hang from the ceiling
There pain there heartache no one knows what there feeling
A bottle of pills someone O.D.
Oh how can this be?
They are only young teens
Will never fulfill there dreams.

To much violence in the world today
Children don’t even know how to play
They are a teenager before they should be
Many don’t even know don’t even see
We need to tell children God loves them and we do to
We need to teach them what to do
Turning to ending there young life’s shouldn’t be
The only way a hurting young teen might see
They take God out of school out of homes
Many so young yet they are left alone
Many young teens
Gets bullied cause there not wearing designer jeans?
For not joining in with a gang
Many think guns a toy listen to the loud bang
We need to stand up for the young children and young teens
Teach them of God and to fulfill there dreams.

Reach out to the young before they reach for a gun, pills, rope or a knife
A sophomore IN High School, died in his home having taken his own life
An eighth-grader in Middle School took her own life to
Her sister, 16, took her own life thinking that was the thing to do
A senior took his life by hanging from a rope
Another young guy O.D with life he couldn't cope
Reach out to the young, family friend or even a stranger
Reach out let them know there's help when they feel so much alone and danger
Many go through life being called names
As there to fat or skinny they hide there pain
Someone might not like the color of there skin
Deep down the pain they keep within
Reach out and tell a young person
You will help and you care for certain
Tell them God loves them and help them to pray
Reach out to a young person help them fulfill there dreams today.

By Just little me

© 2012 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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