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A New Book of Laws, of Theories
Not an obscure nod to some lust,
or a story built in grand forests,
surrounded by a cloak of fog,
with the harmony of birds awaiting the morning sun,

But a galaxy of wonders and questions,
that are a delicate, hanging nebulae,
exploding onto the black canopy,
pin-pricked with white.

An expanse that looms the same forest,
we wish to be in time and time again,
is where i wander into as an observer,
but only recording small details.

Small, white sparkle-
You still catch my attention,
though, you're eclipsed now,
in the shadowy veil of law.

Too bright to look, I close my eyes and dream -
Cradle the heavens within the confines,
of my arms, my voice, my writing, my brush-
Redefine the laws.

By southernblood

© 2017 southernblood (All rights reserved)


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