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Best Mother's Day Present Ever

My daughter Lori and my granddaughter Jennifer
at Jennifer's graduation
in Washington D.C.
May 12, 2012

Wow. Who would have thought that I could sit in my little home here in California and watch my granddaughter earn her Master's Degree in Washington D.C.


Unbelievable. Isn't technology just amazing?

And thank you 'live stream', for permitting me to be there with them.

And then, just one hour later, I got her picture on my computer screen.

Now that's just Awesome!

Who would have thunk it???

They're going to a fancy french restaurant now. If Lori gets the Filet Mignon with the Bordelaise sauce, I'll be really upset!!! If she's wise, she'll tell me she got the fish. LOL.

Hmmm. Now if only technology could have invented some way that I could have eaten with them after the ceremony, while still sitting in my home.

Would someone get to work on that for me?

Jennifer says a Masters Degree is good enough, but I don't know. 'Doctor Jennifer Flowers' has a nice ring to it, don't you think???

Congratulations, sweetheart, you've made your grandma proud. What a fabulous mother's day gift.


By Morning Song

© 2012 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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