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Regent Bowerbird
Three bowers built
so she might choose
the one she likes the best,
with trinkets, brightly decorated,
will he pass her stringent test?

In varied shades of blue decor,
scattered tastefully
amongst the heath
where reeds are arched
to shelter family,
fragrant grasses
trampled down
to cushion them beneath.

Three broken plastic clothes pegs,
two square bread tags;
caps bright royal blue of full-cream milk,
aqua, denoting skim.
Which bottle cap will she prefer?
This matters most to him.

And isn't he a handsome fellow,
plumage satin black
with flashes
in bright golden-orange
on his neck, along the back.
A golden crown upon his head,
gold lining for his wings.
A regent bowerbird really is
one of God's most glorious things.

Madame Bowerbird's picky,
it all comes down to the nest.
This dowdy hen will choose to mate
he who built the finest nest.

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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