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Ode to Reef

This poem I dedicate to a little boy who was taken away from his mum and family so early in life. His mum is an inspiration, with everything she has been through she continues to live life day by day and not a day go’s by that she doesn’t miss her little man but her strength still shines through.

A small boy so young and so cute
With a smile and good looks to boot
Taken away so young before his life could start
Ripped away from his mums loving heart

But as we gaze up to the sky at night
We see his star burning oh so bright
Remember him the way he used to be
Full of life and so much energy

As his family learn to live without you
Their love with always be true
So as we sit down and think of you today
You should know you have touched everyone in a special way.
Dedicated to Reef Marley. R.I.P little man

By Eddie-W

© 2012 Eddie-W (All rights reserved)


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