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Dream Of Life
as a deep sleep fell over me
my dreams revealed my life
I was walking down the path of life
my heart was broken and filled with sorrow
wasn't paying attention where I was going
don't know how far I walked into the night
the grass and trees were all brown and fading
the path was long, narrow and dark
suddenly I was a child again
memories of a painful childhood brought tears
felt the insecurity of my heart and soul
a part of why I am who I am now
the past that still haunts me today
I could feel the tears run down my cheek
couldn't awaken to dry them
saw the many loves in my life
who have come and gone thru my heart
some of whom which have never healed
others aren't even a memory any more
thoughts scattered thru my weary mind

my pillow was soaked by the falling rain
as I raised my head to look up
I was standing at the bottom of a hill
there was a lonely tree and a wide path
when I reached the tree it was amazing
stood there looking down in the valley
grass like a green carpet laid before me
trees had beautiful purple blooms on them
animals walking and running everywhere
suddenly I saw you walking towards me
almost turned away with fear
as you got closer you stopped
you lifted your eyes so I could see them
tenderness, understanding, passion
they shimmered with outpouring love
you held out your hand to me
slowly I walked towards you reaching
when our hands touched my body shivered
your sweet cologne filled the fresh air
you gently wiped the rain from my cheek
as I awakened from my paradise with you
thoughts scattered thru my happy mind

By purpleink

© 2012 purpleink (All rights reserved)


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