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As I walked through luscious golden fields
The sun beat down so precious and warm,
Twas on such a day I had devilment inside
And thought I would go back and turn the tide.

So I stripped of my clothes and felt free
On this glorious day it was a sight to see,
I laughed to myself such freedom was rare
As I sang and shouted in the glorious fresh air.

The barley and corn waved gently in the breeze
As certain things swung back and forth with ease,
I couldn't stop laughing this was just great
So I had to stop and write this poem to celebrate.

With the wild flowers butterflies and trees
I felt quite at home with nature's seas,
Now if your thinking of sexual connotations
There are none at all simply the elations,

Of being born free as one of god's creations
In a state of awareness and perfect bliss,
For sweet mother nature gave us all of this
It was a day on this earth that I shall never forget.

amongst the birds and the bees the corn
And the trees, and the freedom of life.

By listener

© 2012 listener (All rights reserved)


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