Loose Change and Treasures
Loose Change and Treasures

she sits beneath an empty night sky,
contemplating another day spent,
more time wasted, the moments lost to neglect,

and the words left to drift upon a breeze
that had died long before the words were
ever spoken... she tells herself that she has

paid her dues, she believes she has lived
well, has loved completely, taken all
the journeys she could and explored

every unexplored path... and yet there
in her pocket of time, mingled with the loose
change of everyday are unused tokens, torn

coupons, faded vouchers, and a 'to do'
list that remains undone... she reads
her own words as tears slip from

eyes that have seen so much but paid
attention to so little... she lets them spill
into a heart finally ready to believe and to...

touch the sky,
breathe deeply,
travel down a different path,
explore dreams,
create visions,
listen to moon's promises,
gather stars' glitter...

she collects her treasures and her list,
begins a new journey, smiling, crying,
gathering, creating, and cradling

most closely to her soul the tokens
to the moon and the coupon to the stars...
the sky fills with its magic

and she breathes deeply of the moment
realizing it is not too late
to redeem them and herself.

written for the All Stars Challenge
host: Gracie B.
phrase: token(s) to the moon

By Myrna D.

© 2018 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: All STARS - with Gracie (Gracie_b) read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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