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The Deficit
This countries deficit could be rectified as long as the lobbyists and,
The big business' could be made to pay their share of the taxes.
They have all the money so they should pay out a larger share,
Then those of us they try to keep in the poor house struggling.
Since they are the ones who are wasting the money they should be,
Finding a way to save a portion of it to repay the deficit they created.

The Government needs to stop wasting money,
They should stop paving roads that don't need paving.
The Government needs to stop wasting money!
They should stop spending to pay off the lobbyists to hide,
The hypocritical deeds done in the name of protecting people.

When they know it's just to fatten their own paychecks,
While the working class is left to starve and maybe scrape by with food stamps and unemployment checks.

The Government needs to stop lying to people,
Who put them in office by saying things will get better for the working class.
When we know for a fact things just keep getting easier for them and not us.

It is time again for a government ' of the people for the people' not,
A government ' of the lobbyists for the lobbyists' those words,
They are not written into the fabric of the constitution just into the fabric of Washington

It is time the American people kept an eye on all the politicians and lobbyists in Washington,
To keep them in line so they only take what is rightfully theirs.
We need a group of people who can get the job done.

We need to impeach and president and followers for elicit dealings,
And force them to run the country honestly.
Allowing for a whole new generation of presidents and followers who are honest.

We need to stop plundering the earth as pirates plunder ships at sea,
She keeps us alive with her trees that produce oxygen.
And her plants that provide home for all the animals who inhabit her,
For with out us she could survive for centuries alone.

We need to return to a simpler way of life to preserve her for if she dies we die to.

By freespirit30

© 2017 freespirit30 (All rights reserved)


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