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Today,my name is Yesterday,
I didn't know who I was,Yesterday.
You see Yesterday,my pain was great,
I didn't know me,I didn't know what help to seek.

Yesterday, I wore mask's, to cover my
bruises,cuts,and scars,I wore so many mask's,
I forgot what I looked like.

Yesterday,my name was Pain,that's what I was in,pain,
emotional abuse,no self esteem,no love,no hope,
on the inside I felt so unclean.

Yesterday,if anyone had ask me,how I was doing,
or how I felt,I would've said 'fine', you see I didn't
want anyone to know' Life's Cards ' that I had been dealt.

Yesterday,something changed on Yesterday.

Yesterday,I had enough of being this way,there was
only one way out for me,I still remembered,
deep inside,hidden just a bit,a four letter word,
P-R-A-Y,and a voice that said 'I did not create you quit,but to live'.

Yesterday,I fell to my knees, and said GOD,I know you love me,
I want to know my name again,come now, please!.

Today,my name,is Yesterday,repaired,renewed,remodeled,set free.
What GOD did for me Yesterday,let GOD do for you today
and let your name be,

Inspired By The Holy Ghost
Patricia A.Robinson
GOD'S Servant


© 2017 MSPAT (All rights reserved)


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