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Stand Up For Jesus.
We tell of things in the bible some say we are wrong
How is it ok to tell of the worldly things and it stands so strong

Stand up for Jesus Stand up
You turn to him when over runs your cup

Tell Of Jesus tell the story
Give Jesus all the glory

You see all kinds of books but no bible in sight
When things go wrong they turn to Jesus to make it right

Many want to fight for the right of the lesbians and gays
Read the bible and tell me how is that ok

Seems not many even talk of the truth
Oh how it is reflecting our youth.

Stand up for Jesus Stand up
You turn to him when over runs your cup

Many will stand up for the worldly things
What about standing up for Jesus our King

The things many do today
Killing people in the church or Temple as they pray

Killing people as they watch a movie or at a musical concert
Don't have time for alerts

Abuse,rape and killing
Is of the world not Gods willing

How is ok to have guns in school and letting children fight
How is it ok when you are afraid to go to sleep at night

The things that many do and many stand up for
Needs to change and listen to Gods way more and more.

By Just little me

© 2012 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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